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Family Photo Days - how does it all work?
It's very simple; we discuss and agree a convenient date and time that best suits you. We send you a £25 invoice for your 1 hours studio session which you can pay online or over the phone, and that's it! 
Within a few days of your confirmation we will call you to answer any question you may have and to discuss your shoot to help maximise your experience.

What time should you arrive before the photo shoot?
We recommend you arrive 15 to 30 minutes before your photo shoot begins. Allow enough time to travel, park, get changed and relax before your photo shoot.

What should you wear?
This is a really important question as your finished photographs will benefit greatly from a little thought and planning regarding your choice of clothing:

  • TIPS
  • Try and co-ordinate your clothing by colour and style
  • Avoid large brands and logos
  • Add accessories - careful use of accessories can add a splash of colour to your outfit but be careful not to over do it
  • Try to choose outfits and accessories that don't distracts the viewer when looking at the finished portraits
  • You could also think about where your portraits will be displayed; wall colour, room colour, light or dark etc. This will really help when choosing your outfits
  • Please avoid wearing items of clothing that are almost all white as these are more difficult to print well in black and white
  • Check your children's socks match and your clothes are ironed nicely etc. These small details are always worth getting right and making the effort for.

How soon will you see your photos?
After your photo shoot, your photos will be edited then displayed in your very own personal and secure online photo gallery. This process does take some time as editing your photos, adding effects or special creative work is complicated and shouldn't be rushed. Hopefully you will consider the extra effort is worth the wait! Once your images have been uploaded to your gallery you will be sent your personal login details from where you can view and order photographs, canvases and gifts in colour, sepia tone and dramatic black and white.
How much do the prints and canvases costs?
All photos are produced on high quality photographic paper or durable quality canvas, all available to order at very reasonable costs. We offer discount packages including 3 for 2 offers on various prints so there's always something available for every budget.
How soon will my order be ready?
Producing a quality custom product does takes time but once they are available online, orders usually take less than 5 working days to be delivered. 
Arriving Late 
If you are late for your photo shoot we can extend the photo shoot beyond the allocated time slot by 10 minutes only. Unfortunately, there is no more flexibility within this timescale out of respect for the clients who have the following appointment.

If you have any questions or specific requirements please don't hesitate to contact us, we're happy to help you make the best of your personal photo shoot.